Tips on Developing a Work-Life Balance

//Tips on Developing a Work-Life Balance

Tips on Developing a Work-Life Balance

Now more than ever it seems like trying to have it all is the name of the game in business. Working the whole day, spending time with family, finding a few hours for friends, juggling a constant barrage of chores, all while keeping yourself happy and motivated is the name of the work game. Pressing pause isn’t an option on balancing work and life. Fortunately the world of business has slowly started to catch on to the trend. Guides on finding the right work/life balance are everywhere online. They are written by tired parents, exhausted grandparents, and young adults already experiencing the uncomfortable feeling of trying to have it all.

Developing a positive balance between work and life is a path brimming with trial and error possibilities. As the owner of any business can tell you, something is always going to end up suffering. There are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you have on your list. Pushing yourself to the point of absolutely frenzy will only lead to a breakdown. When you find yourself in the middle of a work-life crisis then your best bet is to step back and take stock of the situation. Learning to understand the difference between can do/can’t do makes all the difference in the world. Below are a few ways you can develop a better balancing act.

Set Specific Tasks

At the beginning of the day it’s a good idea to sit down with a pen, paper, or tablet of you choosing and write down a list of reasonable things you can get done that day. A business owner is constantly under pressure to try and fit everything into a single day when it just isn’t going to work. Writing down a few goals for the day will take a huge weight off your shoulders. Knowing you have a set amount of work to focus on keeps you in charge of your day, not the other way around. Work through each item on the list and try not to get preoccupied with other, menial tasks. Constantly remind yourself that it can’t all be accomplished in a single day. Finding time to go home and relax with family is just as important as getting that last report of the day filed.

Learn to Delegate

If you’re a small business then it might be hard to hire people right off the bat. Even if you can’t hire help it’s important to find a way to delegate work. There are a ton of different services online which can help you free up time for more important jobs. Services such as bookkeeping, accounting, virtual person assistants, and even call answering services can be found with a quick online search. Freelancers are a great way to hire virtual help even when you aren’t able to hire someone physically. Learning to delegate tasks is difficult for a lot of business owners. A lot of entrepreneurs start their careers going at it alone. When they find that too many jobs are piling up on their desk, it can be nearly debilitating to pass along some of those tasks to other people. If you want to put value on your life outside of work then delegating is your best step to making sure you’re out of the door on time.

Value Family Above Work

It’s a hard lesson to learn for any entrepreneur or business owner. When you’re thrown headlong into the world of business it tends to narrow your vision. Work fills most of your waking hours and when you finally relax for the day it’s with your eyes closed in bed. It may start to feel like if you’re not in the office every single day, holding meetings, making calls, or guiding employees that the business you’ve built will crumble into nothing. It won’t. It’s a fact that you’ll constantly have to work at and remind yourself of. Placing a value on your family life is of the utmost importance. Missing important events, coming home late every night, and failing to communicate with your family will only lead to a burnout on both ends of the candle. Learn to separate the two parts of your life and always make sure you make time for each.

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