Halloween Party Décor Ideas

When it comes to Halloween party decor ideas, you will like to include every area hosting your guests such as outdoor spaces. Make the party memorable with exciting things ranging from DIY to purchase items that will make your guests not forget the day. The trick behind the scare-factor should always take into consideration the age groups that will be in attendance. You may want to spook it up where only adults are present but keep the decorations family friendly with a mix of blood and gore in case there are small children in attendance.

Spooky Entryway

Make the party more chilling than cutesy by throwing in some shade on the entryway to avoid scaring your guests half to death. The theme comprises of features that are creepy enough ranging from witches and candelabras going to bats and birds. Due to the much preparation that comes along with this theme, you will want to serve a simple menu that won’t take much time. Additionally, you may give the guests things to crow about as they enter by placing a mirror that has birds and branches stuck with glue dots. You may also add creepy craft papers hanging from yard underneath the buffet.

DIY Halloween Door Mat

Use any stencil to customize your doormat beautifully. An old doormat may be used or a new one that has a blank canvas. After drawing, surround the mat with some pumpkins to add a subtle festivity to the front porch.

Tricked Out Mantel

Add some fun to old portraits as well as silhouettes using witch hats, pitchforks, devil horns and other things such as fangs. The ideal mantel décor should contain paper bats that are attached to plunging black sewing trims comprising of black upholstery tacks. Lastly, line some paper or painted wood to the opening of the fireplace and stick a roaring red paper glow on it. Further, adhere snake andirons cuttings obtained from lack foam core to the painted craft.