Homemade Winter Décor Ideas

Winter should be no reason for your house to look dull despite the cold weather. We have fantastic décor ideas below that will leave your home sparkling with warmth and brightness. From centerpieces to unique vases that are simple to make, they’re endless ways to spice up the snowy days.

Sparkly branch centerpiece

Not only is this centerpiece a winter décor idea, but it can also be used in weddings at the front entryway. The crystal drops hanging from the branches have a magical way of sparkling to brighten your room. To make this centerpiece, you need twigs (freely provided by nature), a glass vase, sparkly vase filler to add to the vase and two packages of crystal drops. As simple as that, you can bet that would only cost about six dollars.

Pinecones décor

There are various ways to use pinecone to transform your home at a reduced price. To start with, you can hang the pinecones on a ribbon as an alternative for a fall wreath. To make it, you need a few pieces such as pre-made Snowflakes, spray paint, fishing line, Helmar Adhesive and wire bead trim. Spray some of the pinecones in white and coat the rest in Helmar Craft Glue. You can also use gold spray instead of white. Tie the fishing line and arrange them while hanging at various lengths with two ribbon strands and snowflakes. To add sparkle to the final knot, wrap it with cord and beaded trim. You can also use pinecones in candle jars to create amazing luminaries.

Mercury glass vases

These are probably the easiest of the listed décor ideas. All you need is to spritz the glass with water on the inside part then spray with Krylon paint while still wet. Once the paint is dry, spray yet another coat. Place the vases strategically in your house with candles placed inside the shorter glass vases. Simple, right? There you have a bright homemade decorated winter!

Homemade Thanksgiving Décor Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to be around your family and make the best memories. Besides the delicious food, you can also craft cool but surprising ideas that will bring fun while celebrating the spirit of thanksgiving. The decorations can range from fortune cookies to personalized table settings. Whichever the approach you come up with, there are various ways to craft homemade decorations where some of the ideas are discussed below.

Gilded fruit

There’s no better way to create a gorgeous edible centerpiece than with a gilded gold fruit. Besides being used for decoration, you can use the fruit to make Golden Apple Pie after the party. To achieve this gilded fruit, you would need a fresh fruit (pears or apples), sugar glue, about 24 Karat edible Gold Leaf Sheets as well as disposable foam brush. The primary goal behind this idea is to add the fruits in a bowl, base, or a small plate.

Leaf/Tree decorations

A Thanksgiving tree is the ultimate way to bring out a Thanksgiving-y day. You can make it using twigs, stationery, paint samples or anything that can be used to write your messages as well as some construction papers. On the construction papers, you can write the things you are grateful for or let the guests do it as they place the papers on the twigs. Alternatively, you can use dry, but not brittle, fern branch to portray an expensive antique with a framed nature decoration.

Wrapped Votives

Take the tabletop décor to a whole new level by scattering harvest-scented candles on the Thanksgiving table. To make these votives, place the candles in glass votive cups and envelop the vessels using tamale-making husks. It’s essential to ensure the husks are first placed in warm water to make them flexible then wrap each one around a votive cup by holding them with a rubber band. Lastly, twist a thin husk by tying it around the center of the candleholder and removing the rubber band.